• Urban Nature
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Urban Nature


In the heart of an urban landscape, where the steel and concrete jungle met the untamed allure of nature, I embarked on a photographic odyssey with Mees. The vision was simple, yet profound: to craft a series called "Urban Nature," a visual narrative depicting the harmonious dance between urbanization and the relentless reclamation of nature.

Our canvas was an old airport, an emblem of human ambition and progress slowly succumbing to the inexorable pull of Mother Nature. Here, amidst the faded runways and crumbling infrastructure, Mees became the muse—a symbol of strength and beauty, seamlessly bridging the realms of the urban and the natural.

The juxtaposition was stark but poetic. Mees' presence was a testament to the indomitable spirit of nature, determined to reclaim what was once hers. Against the backdrop of decaying runways, she radiated a captivating allure—an embodiment of the resilience and grace that can be found amidst urban decay.

As the lens captured her amidst the cracks in the asphalt and the encroaching greenery, it told a story of beauty, strength, and transformation. Each frame spoke to the inevitable triumph of nature, a force that perseveres even in the face of relentless urbanization.

"Urban Nature" became a series that celebrated Mees as the epitome of this delicate balance. Her beauty was not just skin deep; it was a reflection of the timeless relationship between the urban world and the natural world. This series was a visual love letter to the untamed spirit of nature, always seeking to reclaim its place, and to the enduring strength and allure of individuals like Mees who embody this union.